build + quality

Like spending time with a friend, there is an intimate relationship that forms when you hold a thoughtfully designed object in your hand. How it looks. How it feels. Its heft. Its curves. Each detail informs this relationship, and it is this relationship that we focus on when designing a bq. The fine details of both form and function have been refined with this in mind, so that the more time you spend with a bq, the stronger and more intimate this relationship becomes.

Our bottles don't make a statement; You do. However, Like the clothes you wear, the watch on your arm, or the bag you carry, your bq is a carefully curated element of the statement you make. A statement that is as much about your style as it is about your priorities. Lets be honest: Buying a reusable bottle is not going to save the world...but it is going to make a difference. bq can help you make that difference and help you make your statement with both substance and style

Handcraft perfection

bq bottles are different. Other bottles are mass produced in factories using complicated machines and unfeeling robots straight out of a sci-fi novel. bq bottles on the other hand are works of handcrafted perfection. There are over 20 individual steps that go into making each bq bottle. Every step carefully executed by some of the best bottlesmiths in the industry.

Your bq bottle has been individually crafted; A thoughtfully designed, double-walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel work of art with one purpose: to maintain the temurature of your drink.

Silicon ring provides an easy grip surface for the cap
Ergonomic curvature of the cap ensures comfort when carrying the bottle by the neck
Insulating foam inside cap improves thermal performance
Double gasket ensures liquid seal
Stainless steel disk create a complete stainless steel environment for your drink
Large opening, allows for addition of ice cubes
Inward drafting seal design reduces heat loss at the neck
Double wall vacuum insulation prevents external condensation (sweating) in your hands or bag
Keeps your drink hot for 16 hours, cold for 24 hours (750ml)
Quality 18/8 stainless steel protects from odor and makes the bottle easy to clean
Fits in both your car’s cup holder and backpack for your active on-the-go lifestyle